Malaysia looks set to delay paper and cardboard inspections again

Malaysia plastic inspections
Malaysian officials inspect two containers containing US recycled plastics

Malaysia appears likely to delay imported paper and cardboard inspections after revealing it will put back implementing new rules on metal inspections.

The country introduced interim inspection rules from 1 September to 31 October on metal imports, ahead of tougher rules that were due to come in on 1 November.


However, these interim rules have been extended until 31 December. This is to give the metals industry time to implement the Certificate of Approval process.

As yet, Malaysia has not confirmed the rules on paper inspections, and no official announcements have been made by the Malaysian Government.

However, inspection authority SIRIM has outlined the expected regulations on inspections, and this has included the Certificate of Approval process for importers.

It would there appear that paper and cardboard inspections are unlikely to take place this year if the metals industry has been given these interim rules to get used to the Certificate of Approval process.

There might also be the possibility that Malaysia will give at least a couple of months for paper and cardboard importers to apply for the Certificates of Approval when it eventually announces paper and cardboard inspections.

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