Malaysian inspection authority SIRIM confirms pre-shipment inspection of waste paper

Port Kelang Malaysia
Port Klang Malaysia

Malaysia’s testing, inspection and certification agency SIRIM QAS International has published guidelines on the pre- and post-shipment inspection of waste paper.

It does not say when the guidelines will come into force, and this has yet to be confirmed on any Malaysian Government websites.


The document states that material that is exported to ncMalaysia will need to meet the EN 643 standard that will mean no more than 1.5% contamination.

All shipments will require use of the inspection process that needs to be carried out in the following order:

  • Pre-inspection
  • Issuance of Certificate of Approval
  • Post-shipment inspection.

Pre-inspection will be carried out by SIRIM or a foreign inspection body at the country of origin. CWM Survey & Inspections and Baltic Control have already confirmed they have been appointed by SIRIM to conduct pre-shipment inspections.

Once an inspection has been undertaken, a report is sent to the company that has applied for the inspection. At that point, the applicant can apply for the issuance of the Certificate of Approval.

To apply for the Certificate of Approval, the applicant must provide a certified true copy of shipping documents (K1 form, packing list and bill of lading) from the Royal Malaysian Customs department and a valid pre-shipment inspection report.

Once approved, and shipped, a post-shipment inspection will occur. This will involve the applicant notifying SIRIM of the need for a post-shipment inspection up to three days in advance. The post-shipment inspection will be performed by an authorised inspector and the applicant will arrange for the inspection to take place either on-board or off-board the vessel. SIRIM will verify the activity after approval and clearance from Royal Malaysian Customs.

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