Malaysia’s SIRIM publishes new guidelines on import of waste paper


Malaysian inspection authority SIRIM has published its new guidelines on the import of waste paper.

This follows the country finally bringing in its new inspection regime from 10 January 2022.


These new guidelines set out the inspection procedures for approved materials recycling facilities (MRF) including those that are directly approved by SIRIM and those by other overseas inspection agencies.

The document also highlights the pre- and post-shipment inspection requirements and how a Certificate of Approval is issued.

For paper and cardboard, these guidelines only apply to the HS codes 470710, 470720, 470730 but does not apply to mixed paper, which remains prohibited for import into Malaysia.

These guidelines are put into force by Malaysia’s Customs (Prohibition of Imports)(Amendment)(No.2) Order 2022 that became law on 7 January 2022. This confirms the ban of mixed paper, and the implementation of the new inspection regime from 10 January 2022.

The document from Malaysia’s SIRIM also contains images of example bales that are permitted for import.

View the full document below.

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