Manifesto for paper cup recycling launched


A manifesto has been launched with the objective of increasing paper cup recycling and recovery rates by 2020.

The Foodservice Packaging Association and the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group have joined forces with more than 30 signatories including raw material suppliers, cup manufacturers, retailers, waste operators and paper reprocessors to commit to increasing the recovery and recycling of the cups through systemic change.


Foodservice Packaging Association executive director Martin Kersh said: “The Foodservice Packaging Association has long been promoting the importance of its members’ products which have played a vital part in the growth of the economy but has also provided a wide range of benefits in hygiene, safety and convenience that is often overlooked.

“That said, it also recognises the demands of today’s society and consumers and is pleased to be able to work on this important project to support and increase the sustainability of the industry.”