Mark Lyndon Paper Enterprises to rebrand to Winfibre

Colin Clarke
Colin Clarke

As part of a new global strategy Mark Lyndon Paper Enterprises will become known as Winfibre.

Instead of separate businesses in the countries they operate in, the UK business along with those in the United States and Europe will become one global company.


Mark Lyndon Paper Enterprises, which supplies recovered fibre to China’s Lee & Man Group, will begin a rebranding to Winfibre from 1 January 2019, after it received approval at an Extraordinary General Meeting of Lee & Man shareholders.

The new business will provide fibre for Lee & Man’s existing and proposed paper mills in China, Vietnam, and other countries.

In the UK, existing Mark Lyndon Paper Enterprises staff will be transferred over to Winfibre and the company will continue to be based in Nottingham.

Winfibre UK managing director Colin Clarke said: “Our new name Winfibre is part of a new global strategy to have one brand purchasing fibre for Lee & Man Group’s subsidiary Lee Kwok Trading.

“This new structure enables us to act as a global business, rather than operating as separate businesses in different territories as we do now. It will enable us to devise global procurement strategies and provide the ability to negotiate global terms with shipping lines and other suppliers.

“But for our suppliers in the UK, they shouldn’t really see any changes apart from a new name. They will still be dealing with the same people on a day-to-day basis and we look forward to working with them as Winfibre.”

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