Markets calm but some material prices soften this week


Some materials saw a small drop in price this week but markets remain largely stable, according to the scrap-ex weekly materials price report.

Scrap dry bright copper dropped to £4,600 to £5,125 per tonne compared to £4,650 to £5,200 a week earlier. While aluminium cuttings dropped from £985 to £1,350 per tonne last week to £925 to £1,300 per tonne.


LDPE continues to suffer with 98/2 falling to £235 to £275 per tonne after being £240 to £285 per tonne on 16 June.

Natural PET bottles actually crept up a little rising £5 per tonne to £430 at the bottom of the range compared to last week, but at the top end stayed at £465 per tonne.

Paper prices remained stable.

scrap-ex director Gareth Goodall said: “Our scrap-ex view is that some material prices are softening a little bit due to the situation in Greece, the import numbers into China softening a little and a general feeling that the world economy is slowing a bit.

“Even the small scrap dealers and small plastics companies we talk to our saying they are seeing prices drop a little bit.

“But we are not expecting a crash, and the markets overall are pretty stable this week.” 

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