Marks & Spencer and Starbucks trialling zero emissions refrigeration deliveries


Six eco-friendly trucks that use new zero emission refrigeration technology are being trialled by Marks & Spencer and Starbucks.

Linde Gases has developed its FROSTCRUISE technology that it says is more environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable alternative to diesel-powered mechanical refrigeration.


FROSTCRUISE uses liquid nitrogen at -196˚C to provide exceptionally fast temperature cool-down and ensuring accurate temperature control for the highest levels of food quality and safety.

Marks & Spencer logistics manager Anthony Whitehouse said: “Trialling new, innovative technologies like FROSTCRUISE is an important part of Plan A, our eco and ethical programme.

“We’ve achieved a great deal in reducing emissions and road miles but we can and will do more. Projects like this will help us not only in finding ways to do so, but also partners to enable us to achieve this goal and tackle some of the biggest challenges we face.”

Starbucks EMEA logistics director Lorna McCallum said: “Starbucks is committed to minimising our environmental footprint and this new quiet, greener technology is an excellent way of reducing the impact of our store deliveries in our local communities.”