McDonald’s highlights sustainable activities in its supply chain


A UK company has been highlighted by McDonalds for reducing food and brine waste.

DonKRC, which is a division of George Weston Foods, was praised along with 50 other companies worldwide by McDonald’s in its 2014 Best of Sustainable Supply report.


McDonald’s looked at its supply chain across climate change and energy, water, waste, and and biodiversity, human health and fare, animal health and welfare, community impact and economics.

DonKRC manufactures ham, bacon and small goods for McDonald’s at its Castlemaine site and this requires a lot of brine.

Each month, DonKRC was creating 225 tonnes of pickle and brine waste. If the pickle was not used within four days, then it needed to be disposed of.

After investigating the process flow, the storage and reuse system was streamlined to ensure that extra batches of product were not ordered when enough was already in stock.

Drainage and cooling were also improved to reduce food waste.

As a result, wastage has been reduced to 78 tonnes per month.

McDonald’s global supply chain, development and franchising executive vice president Jose Armario said: “Our suppliers continue to go above and beyond sustainable leadership and take their commitment to preserving resources seriously.

“We are fortunate to work with such a diverse and dedicated group of suppliers to service our 35,000 global restaurants and 70 million customers each day.”