MetalMatters reached half a million households in 2015


The campaign to increase the recycling of metal packaging has reached half a million households this year.

October saw the launch of a new campaign in Warwick, Torbay and parts of Lancashire to over 300,000 households.


Alupro, which runs the scheme, executive director Rick Hindley said: “In 2015 alone the MetalMatters campaign has reached 534,000 households in ten local authority areas. We already have four programmes confirmed for Q1 2016, helping even more councils to boost their recycling rates using our tried and tested materials.

“The message is clearly getting through to councils: MetalMatters is one of the most cost-effective ways to motivate residents to recycle more.”  

A total of 57 local authorities, representing 3.5 million homes, have received communications support from MetalMatters since it launched.