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Metals stable on Friday with little change


After recent volatility, metals barely moved on the LME on Friday.

Copper was one of the main movers up to $7,515 (£4,762) at the end of last week compared to $7,347 (£4,682) on Thursday.

Aluminium was down to $2,201 (£1,395) from Thursday’s $2,209 (£1,408). Alloy was at $2,165 (£1,372) on Friday down from $2,170 (£1,383) the day before.

Lead increased to $2,027 (£1,284) on Friday from $2,013 (£1,283) a day earlier. Nickel increased to $18,750 (£11,881) from Thursday’s $18,455 (£11,761).

Tin dropped to $22,075 (£13,987) on Friday from $22,400 (£14,272) the day before. Zinc was up to $1,925 (£1,220) compared to Thursday’s $1,910 (£1,217).

Steel was unchanged at $535 but the changing exchange rate moved it down £1 to £339.   

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