Middleton Engineering announces new pre-press twin-ram baler


Baler and recycling equipment engineers Middleton Engineering has launched what it believes is the UK’s first pre-press twin-ram baler.

With a press force of 150 tonnes, the new machine is capable of producing very dense bales of waste material but in a new more compact bale size, that has been designed especially for containerised transportation and storage of baled waste materials. It is also ideal for RDF.


Middleton Engineering technical director Mark Smith said: “Previously, the loading and unloading of baled RDF waste in road containers has been difficult and time consuming to achieve, without damaging the wrapping materials and rupturing the bales, simply because bale sizes have not been optimised.

“The new square section bale, measuring 1050 x 1050 x 14000mm, is the optimal size to load easily without damaging the wrapping and provides operators with a cleaner more hygienic solution, at the same time maximising the available container space.”

Middleton believes it is the first manufacturer to take this path. By integrating pre-press features in the design, Middleton is providing operators with a powerful machine that combines the high throughput of a channel baler with the superior compaction rates of a twin ram machine.

The design, which forces more materials into the chamber before the twin ram cycles through, achieves high compaction rates with fewer cycles and is therefore more energy efficient. As this is happening, a new charge of material can be prepared in the pre-press to maximise operational efficiency.

It also combines both wire and plastic tie capabilities in the same machine, making it quick to switch from different waste streams such as cardboard, which requires wire ties, or RDF which uses plastic.

The baler is being manufactured in Somerset and will be shown for the first time at RWM in September.