Minister promises level playing field when it comes to PRNs/PERNs


A level playing field for domestic recyclers will be introduced through reform of the PRN system, according to Environment Minister Lord Taylor.

Speaking at the CIWM 2012 conference, Lord Taylor said that the Government was aware of how the PERN system favoured the exporter over the domestic recyclers using the PRN system and that the Government would seek to change this imbalance as part of an action plan on quality it intends to publish.


The Minister also said that a consultation will be launched in August on the MRF Code of Practice that is being developed by the Environmental Services Association, and which may been made mandatory.

He added: “I believe the proposed MRF Code of Practice will set the UK on the road to quality material.”

In his speech, he also said that there will be an informal consultation at the end of July on how to divert more wood from landfill and move the processing of it higher up the waste hierarchy.

He also revealed that a new £1.5 million Waste Prevention Loan Fund has been launched that will aid more businesses in becoming more resource efficient. This follows on from a similar package launched last June.

Businesses interested in re-use and repair of textiles, electricals and furniture may be able to apply for grants. The scheme is administered by WRAP.