Mixed paper exports to Indonesia currently prohibited


Exports of mixed paper to Indonesia are effectively banned at present.

With the inspection agency Baltic Control not inspecting bales of mixed paper, this means that it is not currently possible to export the paper grade to the country.


It isn’t clear whether this is a temporary or permanent situation.

However, the Indonesian Government is understood to have come to an agreement on contamination levels that it will permit for import.

Communications from shipping lines have said these new contamination levels are effective from now, but there has not been any official confirmation from the Indonesian Government.

According to the communications, for OCC, Indonesia will impose a 0.5% limit on prohibited items, with a 5% limit on out throws of other easily removable materials.

Interestingly, despite the Baltic Control situation, for mixed paper the 0.5% limit will be imposed on prohibited items, with a 3% maximum for out throws.

This appears to suggest that the Indonesian Government has accepted the ISRI guidelines that we reported on recently.

However, Indonesia has been unclear in its policy recently. Initially it suggested a 0% contamination limit and 100% inspections, but then suspended the rules.

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