Mondelez International and PepsiCo agree to cut use of virgin plastic

Cadbury Packaging
Mondelez International, which owns Cadbury, has agreed to cut virgin plastic in its packaging by 2025

Cadbury owner Mondelez International and drinks and snack company PepsiCo have said they will reduce the use of virgin plastic in their packaging.

This follows engagement with non-profit environmental shareholder advocacy group As You Sow.


The companies have also agreed to increase efforts to eliminate and replace single-use plastics.

Mondelez has set a virgin plastic reduction target for 2025 of a 5% absolute reduction in virgin plastic in overall plastic packaging, including a 25% cut in virgin plastic in its rigid packaging.

These actions should mean that 10,000 tonnes per year of virgin plastics are no longer used.

PepsiCo has committed to reduce virgin plastics across its business, but will announce its goals later in the year.

As You Sow filed shareholder proposals with ten leading consumer goods companies and retailers calling for commitments to reduce use of plastic packaging.

Due to the announcements from Mondelez and PepsiCo, As You Sow withdrew the shareholder proposals for these companies.

As You Sow senior vice president Conrad MacKerron said: “We are pleased to announce agreement by two of the companies we filed proposals with to cut their use of virgin plastic used for packaging.

“We look forward to other companies stepping forward to make similar commitments, and making bolder, larger absolute cuts in overall plastic packaging.”

As You Sow also added that cuts in virgin plastic use and substituting with recycled content would not be enough without redesigning packaging and transitioning towards reusable packaging.

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