Mondi opens lab to test recyclability of coated paper


Paper packaging group Mondi has opened a laboratory in Austria to test the recyclability of coated paper.

Based at the Frantchach mill in Austria, it is the company’s first lab of this type.


By conducting tests in-house, Mondi hopes to speed up the development of sustainable packaging for products that require coated barriers such as perishable food.

Mondi will use the results gained from the lab to determine how the design of new packaging can be improved, as well as to determine the circularity of material flows.

By replicating the conditions of industrial recycling facilities, but on a smaller scale, Mondi will be able to provide concrete evidence that the material can be recycled.

Mondi head of R&D and IP Flexible Packaging Elizabeth Schwaiger said: “The ability to provide our customers with information on the recyclability of our products will be a key enabler in our efforts to develop more sustainable solutions and enhance our value proposition for customers.

“Currently, 78% of Monday’s group-wide portfolio is either reusable, recyclable or compostable. This recycling lab enables us to move closer to our MAP2030 goals of making 100% of our products fulfil these requirements by 2025.”