More detail revealed on Chinese crackdown on imports


Chinese inspections of scrap material imports are much stricter than ever before, sources have told scrap-ex news.

As scrap-ex news revealed on 1 July, China has tightened its solid waste import regulations to ban the dumping and treatment of solid waste from overseas. It has also prohibited imports of solid waste that cannot be used as raw materials or pose serious risk to the environment. See story here


scrap-ex news understands that Chinese customs inspectors are opening many more containers than previously and if any residual waste is found, then there will be fines for the importer or the container could be sent back to its port of origin. Containers with good quality material in them will still be able to pass through as before.

It is also believed that companies shipping material to China will need to provide the shipper and importer AQSIQ licence, and solid waste permit and possibly other documents when booking a shipment. However, what exactly is required hasn’t been confirmed by the Chinese government as yet.