More than one million PVC-U windows a year recycled in UK


Over a million old window frames are being recycled each year through the Recovinyl recycling scheme.

Latest audited figures show that end-of-life PVC-U windows and profiles comprised 25,480 tonnes of the total 48,544 tonnes of waste PVC recycled in 2011.


Other materials collected and recycled through the Recovinyl programme included pipes and fittings, cables, flexible PVC and rigid PVC films. New verified data for 2012 is expected in April.

Recovinyl estimates that the windows and profiles fraction, which doesn’t include doors, would equate to roughly 1.25 million frames or replacement windows for around 122,000 house and flats.

Recovinyl UK agent Axion Consulting senior consultant Jane Gardner said: “These figures are an impressive achievement and clearly demonstrate the sustainability credentials of PVC as a building material that can be easily recycled and re-used, as well as the on-going industry commitment to more sustainable practices.

“Thanks to the real efforts being made to collect these waste frames and the infrastructure now in place to recycle them, waste PVC-U can be diverted from landfill and successfully turned back into useful new products.”