Morrisons commit to making all own-brand plastic packaging recyclable by 2025

Pic: Elliott Brown

Supermarket Morrisons has released a number of measures to reduce plastic pollution, including re-designing all of its own-brand plastic packaging to be either reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. 

The new steps that the company is taking include: 

  • Allowing customers to use their own containers for meat and fish from the Street Butcher and Fishmonger counters from May 
  • Examining its own brand products to reduce and remove unnecessary plastic packaging
  • Trialling the removal of plastic packaging from fruit and vegetables in a number of stores
  • Making more packaging recyclable, and replacing black plastic trays  
  • Fitting drinking water fountains in new stores so consumers can refill water bottles. 

According to the company’s own research, plastic reduction is the third most important problem to Morrisons customers.  

Morrisons chief executive David Potts said “Reducing the damage caused by plastic is one of the most challenging issues society can address. Because we make most of the fresh food we sell, we’re in an important position to make changes to our packaging.” 

The retailer is one of the companies signed up to the UK Plastics Pledge

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