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MP calls for big businesses to pay for plastic waste clean-up


Environmental Audit Committee and Swansea West Labour MP Geraint Davies has stated that big corporations should pay for the plastic waste problem in the UK, and not taxpayers.  

Writing an opinion piece for The Guardian website, he said that as these corporations are given money to produce cheap plastic, they should be the ones dealing with the damage, and only then with these businesses create and manufacturer better solutions.  

According to the MP, taxpayers pay over 90% of the cost of recycling, with huge subsidies going towards fossil fuel industries, who received £3.7 trillion worldwide in 2015. 

From this, he believes that these polluters should be the one paying for the plastic to be recycled. 

He said: “Currently that cost is covered by the taxpayer, but instead the cost of recycling should be part of the cost of the plastic itself – with the additional money being transferred to local governments to pay for recycling. The Government should reward retailers who develop new sustainable ideas and raise charges on packaging that is difficult to recycle.” 

Commenting on further changes, the MP called for “radical action” and added that the UK should: 

– Match France’s decision to use 100% recyclable plastic by 2025 

– Make a ban of fish-killing unrecyclable plastics a priority 

– Ask more retailers to follow Iceland’s decision to eliminate all plastic packaging on its own-branded products by 2023.  



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