MRF Gate Fees increasing says WRAP


Gate Fees at materials recycling facilities (MRFs) have increased over the past year, according to WRAP.

In its latest Gate Fees Report, WRAP showed that MRF gate fees have increased on the back of less revenue being generated by recycled commodities.


The median gate fee paid by local authorities for MRF services increased to £25 per tonne in 2016, from just £6 per tonne in 2015.

Some local authorities however are receiving up to £62 per tonne in income for their materials, but others are reporting paying up to £89 a tonne gate fee to the MRF.

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Just 30 local authorities (28% of the 122 surveyed) reported that they either pay no gate fee or receive payment for their materials.

Gate fees for open windrow composting stayed at £24 per tonne this year, while in-vessel composting was up by £1 to £47 on last year.

Anaerobic digestion gate fees remained at £40 per tonne.

For Energy from Waste plants, the media gate fee for facilities constructed after 2000 is £95 per tonne down from £99 last year.