Nationwide plastic plant pot recycling scheme to be launched

plant pot
Representatives from the horticultural industry have visited Viridor’s Plastics Recovery Facility in Rochester to discover more about the plastics recycling process.

A nationwide plant pot recycling scheme is being launched by Horticultural Trade Association (HTA) in the hope that garden centres will join a take-back scheme for old pots. 

Customers will be able to bring in their old pots to recycle as part of the scheme with the aim that they will be recycled into new pots or other products 


According to Horticulture Week, garden centres have complained that they cannot economically find recyclers for their used pots, and some big chains have stopped pot recycling services.  

HTA council member Neil Grant said: “We all been shocked by the amount of plastic floating around our planet especially since the recent TV series Blue Planet 2.

“As a result it’s made us think again about plastic products. Plastic pots, plastic bottles and more were already on our agenda for reductions and lowering impact. Our aim is to leave as little damaging impact on this world a possible and maximising the amount of plants planted in this region by us and especially you, our customers.”

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