Neales Waste Management wins Blackpool Pleasure Beach contract


A three-year waste management and recycling contract has been awarded to Neales Waste Management by Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

The tourist attraction has 125 rides and attractions and was voted the UK’s best amusement park on TripAdvisor.


Neales Waste Management will set up the first food waste collection service in the park and sending it for treatment at an anaerobic digestion facility.

Secondary Commodity Markets 2015 – the conference for buyers and sellers of recyclable materials takes place on 3 March 2015 in London. Find out more here

Material that can be recycled will be removed from the waste stream at Neales’ facility in Chorley, and anything left will be turned into an RDF.

Neales Waste Management director Hugh Stewart said: “Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a truly iconic site. We are delighted to be able to provide a service that will ensure that none of the waste produced by the millions of visitors a year will go to landfill and just as importantly, will have no impact on the fun that they will have while they are here.”