Neighbourly Food launched with M&S with aim of cutting food waste


Marks & Spencer is the first retailer to adopt Neighbourly Food for national rollout.

The retailer is working with Neighbourly Food, which is a service designed to fix the logistical problem of redistributing surplus food, especially local fresh food.


This service has been launched by social platform

It allows charities, food banks and surplus recycling operations to sign up for free, to publicise their food requirements through

Businesses including retailers, supermarkets, grocers, manufacturers, and food distributors are able to use the service to offer their surplus food resources.

It then supports the back office logistical requirements of participating businesses to help them manage and report upon their successes in food redistribution.

Marks & Spencer director of sustainable business Mike Barry said: “We are pleased to be the first nationwide user of the Neighbourly Food service. We tested the service thoroughly before committing to a national rollout.

“During a pilot covering just six stores, we were able to redistribute four tonnes of surplus food in three months. Now we aim to have 150 stores participating by December and network-wide adoption by early next year.”