New bio-thermic digester technology could help eliminate organic waste to landfill


An industrial scale bio-thermic digester has been launched by waste treatment specialist Advetec.

The technology is capable of rapidly processing significant high volumes of municipal waste.


It can turn tonnes of municipal commingled waste, food and industrial liquid waste quickly into distilled water and a dry powdery by-product to be sold as a high quality refuse derived fuel (RDF).

Advetec believes companies can expect a return on investment within 16-18 months.

The technology is the result of eight years’ development and is manufactured in the UK. The Advetec Bio-thermic Digester is a containerised solution capable of converting 33 tonnes of organic waste material over a 48 to 72 hour period, reducing the volume by over 97 per cent.

A discharge results that is clean water and a high quality RDF powder.

Advetec chief executive Craig Shaw said: “With our new industrial bio-thermic digesters we can truly make zero organic waste to landfill a reality. We can turn commingled waste and anaerobic digestate into a valuable resources.

“Since our digesters require little electricity to run, on site processing costs are around £1.99 per tonne. But I believe the savings on vehicle movements alone will by highly significant for the industry.

“We are already seeing significant interest both here and abroad from medium to large waste companies, municipal authorities and food manufacturers where large volumes or organic waste are an issue. Since this technology is completely scalable, banks of digesters can be linked to handle ever increasing volumes of waste, or each digester can be moved from site to site.”