New consultancy emerges from renamed Biffa IWM


Biffa Integrated Waste Management has launched a new consultancy and changed its name.

Now known as Biffa Integrated Resource Management (Biffa IRM), the company has also revealed its new consultancy off-shoot R3MC.


Standing for Recycling, Recovery, Resource Management Consultancy, R3MC will be a new consultancy offering a holistic service designed around sustainability with the client at the centre.

It will bring together specialists from manufacturing and resource management sectors and will provide consultancy and advice, but also the capability to fully implement its recommendations.

R3MC will cover everything from managing the supply chain to eliminate waste, through to line-side recycling, process efficiencies and maximising recycling rebates. It will also provide compliance, waste duty of care, quality and environmental management and bespoke management information.


R3MC and Biffa IRM general manager Robin Chambers said: “This is a first for the waste and recycling industry. We are approaching the challenge of sustainability from a completely new angle. Companies know that developing good environmental behaviours is a positive thing, but that can’t be at any cost.

“At R3MC we are driving home the message that the eco-economy approach – that cost and environmental savings are two side of the same coin – is the way forward.

“Our expertise means that no business is too large or complex for our team of specialists. With our support, companies can set themselves up for the coming decades with a robust and forward-thinking strategy.”

Biffa chief executive Ian Wakelin added: “This is a natural evolution for Biffa’s Integrated Resource Management team, delivering a market-led solution which combines sustainability and the delivery of hard services.

“Clients want much more than purely waste management advice, and that’s what R3MC is about. By wrapping up these diverse services into one consultancy, R3MC will be bringing exactly what UK industry needs right now – sensible, cost-effective approaches to a sustainable future.”