New firm Recycled Polymers launched in Birmingham


A company that will recycle PP, PS, HDPE and ABS has been launched in Birmingham.

Recycled Polymers will take material from industry and using a granulation process will produce a clean material in a pelletised form that can be used in plastics moulding and extrusion purposes.


It has been started with £0.75 million in investment with equity coming from managing director Grant Gerry, other directors and HSBC Commercial Finance and Close Brothers.

Recycled Polymers chairman Andrew Selby said: “Recycled Polymers is following in the steps of industry giants such as Biffa in investing in plastics recycling, but we have a real competitive advantage in our new plant for the niche sectors we have chosen to specialise in.

“We plan to grow the business rapidly because we are convinced of the urgent and increasing environmental demand for efficient quality recycling and the market opportunities for recycled materials.”