New food waste Roadmap adopted by UK food industry 

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The UK’s biggest retailers, food producers, manufacturers and hospitality and food service companies have commitment to a new “Food Waste Reduction Roadmap”. 

Developed by retail research organisation IGD and WRAP, this roadmap aims to further reduce the UK’s food waste problem.  


The Roadmap includes the entire supply chain and shows the actions that larger businesses will take to address food waste in both their own operations and working to support their suppliers.  

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It also outlines how they can engage with consumers to help reduce their food waste.   

The Roadmap has gained support from the UK’s largest food trade bodies, businesses across the supply chain and Defra, Welsh and Scottish Governments.  

WRAP said that the adoption of Target, Measure, Act is an essential part to achieve national policy objectives and targets on food waste reduction, including Courtauld 2025 and the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12.3.  

Under the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap large businesses are asked to:  

  • Target – Set a food waste reduction target for their own UK operations, aligned with or contributing to SDG12.3. 
  • Measure – In a consistent way and share what they learn.   
  • Act – To reduce their own food waste, to work in partnership with suppliers and to help consumers reduce food waste. 

It has announced that so far 89 adopters are supporting the Roadmap, with the hope that by September 2019, 50% of the UK’s largest 250 food businesses will have adopted these measures, and all 250 by 2026. 

To achieve this, the Roadmap has been published with a wide range of new resources to allow businesses to act consistently and support the work that is already occurring by many companies through setting out a clear collaboration that the whole industry can follow.  

WRAP chief executive Marcus Gover said: “Together, WRAP and IGD have mobilised industry leaders to create a bold sector-wide Roadmap, showing clearly what UK businesses must do. This Roadmap is hugely ambitious, and I’m delighted that the UK is the first country anywhere to set a nation-wide plan towards delivering its part in SDG 12.3.  

“There are many businesses working hard already, but many more need to focus on food waste. If the food sector follows this Roadmap it will significantly accelerate work to achieving both Courtauld 2025, and SDG12.3 targets. And I urge other companies to adopt the principles laid out in the Roadmap and join the rest of the sector on this historic journey.” 

IGD chief executive Joanne Denney-Finch said: “The Food Waste Reduction Roadmap presents a huge opportunity for every business within the UK food and grocery industry to provide reassurance for shoppers.  

“UK shoppers see industry food waste at the top of their priorities and by working together with the total food chain, we’re delighted to have secured a world first, with the UK leading the way in this important area. As a result, I’m confident we will see continued momentum on this high-profile initiative.” 

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