New Maersk vessel may be fuelled by paper mill waste


A new Maersk ship could operate on a fuel derived from paper mill waste.

The shipping line has announced that it will launch the world’s first carbon neutral liner vessel by 2023, which is seven years ahead of its previously committed schedule.


While able to operate on standard very low sulphur fuel, Maersk intends that the ship will be powered by a sustainable bio-methanol that could be sourced from the waste of the paper production process, or a carbon neutral e-methanol made from a chemical process.

Which fuel type it uses will be dependent on where it can source it close to its operation.

The vessel will be capable of holding 2,000 containers and will be deployed on one of the lines’ intra-regional networks.

A.P.Moller – Maersk Fleet & Strategic Brands chief executive Henriette Hallberg Thygesen said: “It will be a significant challenge to source an adequate supply of carbon neutral methanol within our timeline to pioneer this technology.

“Our success relies on customers embracing this groundbreaking product and strengthened collaboration with fuel manufacturers, technology partners and developers to ramp up production fast enough.

“We believe our aspiration to put the world’s first carbon neutral liner vessel in operation by 2023 is the best way to kick start the rapid scaling of carbon neutral fuels we will need.”

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