New paper and plastic dashboards give daily vital market and pricing information

The paper/cardboard market dashboard from Recycling Insights

New paper and plastic dashboards developed by Recycling Insights give daily recycling market pricing and data.

AI-based Recycling Insights provides essential data on the recycling market, and our customers are benefitting from forecast prices for key plastic, paper and metal grades.


The new daily dashboard provide a wealth of market information in one easy-to-view place. Data includes:

  • Latest market prices
  • AI-driven forecast prices
  • Shipping trends
  • Latest FX data and trends
  • PRN/PERN information
  • Market sentiment indicators
  • Latest news – material specific
  • Oil, electricity and other fuel prices
  • Economic data such as stock indices and manufacturing PMIs.

As well as these dashboards, Recycling Insights contains a wealth of data that enables customers to compare a wide variety of economic indicators to material prices to spot correlations, AI-driven market insights and data on treatment and collection.

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The Plastic Daily Dashboard

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