New paper recycling business rises from the ashes of former business


A former finance director of a failed paper recycling business has formed a new business on the same site.

Folkestone-based company Keith Cornell Waste Paper went into administration earlier this year. Two firms looked into buying the business but withdrew their offers.


As a result, former finance director Lisa Brown bought out the shredding side of the business and formed LB Confidential Shredding.

She told the Folkestone Herald newspaper: “In those last few days when everything was going wrong and we were all made redundant I had an idea.

“About a year ago Keith Cornell had bought a shredding machine but it had a few teething problems and for one reason or another had not really managed to get going.

“I knew there had been quite a lot of interest in shredding and decided to buy out that side of the business and give it a go. I took on two members of staff who had lost their jobs, who were delighted, and here we are.”