New PET bottle recycling plant opened in Germany


Despite the difficult current picture for recycled PET, German company Rhenus PET Recycling has opened a new plant in Hamburg.

It is the company’s third site in Germany and is able to produce 20,000 tonnes of flakes from used plastic bottles.


Rhenus PET Recycling managing director Ralk Mandelatz said: “PET bottles are the leading type of packaging for drinks around the globe.

“Our facility enables us to make a contribution towards reusing the plastic PET. The flakes produced in this way and sorted residual plastics can be used in many ways in industrial applications.”

The PET flakes can be used to produce foils, drinks bottles, packing materials packaging strip and fibres.

Rhenus PET Recycling is a subsidiary of Rhenus Recycling, which is a joint venture between global logistics firm Rhenus and recycling firm REMONDIS.