New Recycle Now campaign focuses on confusing plastics


WRAP’s Recycle Now has launched a new campaign to help consumers deal with the uncertainty they face when it comes to recycling plastics.

The Recycle Plastic – Fantastic campaign runs until the end of November and aims to support local authorities, brands and retailers to expand consumer’s knowledge of the variety of plastic packaging that can be recycled.


A suite of more than 50 communications materials including digital resources, posters, pull-up banners and leaflets have been designed specifically for plastic recycling.

The materials can be customised by Recycle Now partners.

RECOUP and Pledge 4 Plastics are working with WRAP on the campaign to align communications.

WRAP director Marcus Gover said: “Using the communication materials is a real opportunity to deliver some targeted communications campaigns around a material stream we know causes confusion with consumers.

“We want people to recycle plastic as it’s a fantastic useable resource. We’re asking partners to get involved by downloading the new materials and use them in their own plastic recycling campaigns.

“The materials have been created to provide clarification, dispel myths and help consumers get a better understanding of what they should be recycling.”

From December to February, WRAP will run a communications campaign on paper and card. This will then be followed by metal and glass from March to May 2016.