New repairability measures supported by EU Governments 

Repairability measures supported by EU Governments

EU Governments have supported new repairability measures for fridges and freezers, despite the hesitation received by manufacturers and the European Commission.  

The aim of the manufacturing law is to make the products more easily repairable and longer-lasting, with the laws possibly being applied to other items such as washing machines and dishwashers said several national representatives consulted by ECOS and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB). 


This agreed text by the EU Government stated that repairers should be able to disassemble more parts without damaging the product with the use of commonly available tools. 

ECOS senior programme manager Chloe Fayole said: “EU governments refused to cave in to pressure and restored ambitious proposals to boost repair and reuse of white goods, this is good news for consumers and the planet. Now it’s urgent that Member States apply similar and even more ambitious rules to other products used by consumers in their daily lives, notably lighting appliances and televisions and monitors.  

“Waste from electronics is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Enabling consumers to repair and reuse all electronic products is a must and will help save millions of tonnes of natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions while saving consumers money.”  

This decision comes after the two NGOs denounced strong pressure from industry lobby group, which prompted the European Commission to ‘water down’ the proposals on repairability in favour of recyclability.

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