New resource efficiency tool to help Scottish businesses unlock savings


A new online planning tool has been launched by Resource Efficient Scotland to help businesses and public sector organisations generate instant reports to unlock savings worth millions of pounds.

The Savings Finder tool enables organisations to identify ways to make more efficient use of resources in their organisation while providing practical advice to help them make savings.


It gives them a scored performance assessment to help users understand how well their organisation is doing in efficiently using raw materials, energy and water.

Resource Efficient Scotland head Marrissa Lippiatt said: “This tool is easy for companies to use and has been designed to provide simple, straightforward advice to help small- and medium-sized enterprises and other organisations save money.

“We’ve calculated that organisations just in Scotland could save as much as £2.9 billion every year by making more efficient use of their resources and individual organisations could save thousands of pounds a year. By helping decision makers generate their own resource efficiency plants, the Savings Finder will play a vital role helping organisations achieve those savings.”