New solid waste regulations and import standards to be introduced by Vietnam

Tran Hong Ha Vietnam Environment Minister
Vietnam Minister for Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha

Vietnam will introduce new solid waste regulations and import standards as part of a new environmental protection law to be introduced in 2020.

In 2014, the country introduced its most recent Law on Environmental Protection, but the Government of Vietnam has decided that a further revision is required.


Speaking at a conference in Hanoi that involved international partners, Vietnamese Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha said that the 2014 law had led to positive results for the environment, but it now needed to reflect changes including Vietnam’s economy opening more to greater international trade.

As part of the consultation process for the revised law, Vietnam will look at international best practice on solid waste regulations. It will also work with international and Vietnamese organisations and experts who will be encouraged to submit to the process.

The country will also look to introduce circular economy principles into the law.

Vietnam Environment Administration director general Nguyen Van Tai said at the conference that the law would focus on a wide range of environmental measures including solid waste management, environmental protection and pollution control.

He added that the law would seek to provide a new definition of waste including quality specifications based on what other countries around the world are using as minimum import standards.

Vietnam recently set out new standards for paper and plastic imports.

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