New study finds consumers don’t notice sustainability branding on packaging

Clemson University’s Retail Lab enables survey participants to ‘shop’ using mobile eye-tracking – the latest in biometric technology. (PRNewsfoto/QuadPackaging)

According to a new study by QuadPackaging (QP) and Package Insight, consumers surveyed said that they don’t notice sustainability branding on packaging, despite agreeing that sustainability influenced their purchases.  

The research analysed whether or not shopper behaviour is influenced by a visual sustainability rating system on the front of the packaging. 


Results show that 92% of the participants did not notice the sustainability logos on the package, even though 53% said that a simple rating system would impact their shopping. 

QP senior director of sales strategy and business development Paul Nowak said: “These results are not surprising if you take into account the barrage of logos, seals and stamps found on consumer package goods claiming some form of sustainability. 

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“Consumers have become numb to all the messaging on packaging which hinders the penetration of sustainability claims.”  

A mobile eye-tracking system was used in the study to see what the participants shopped. 

Package InSight associate director Dr. Julie Rice said that people tend to buy with their eyes, and by using this eye-tracking technology it allowed the company an insight into what draws a buyer’s attention. 

She added: “In this case, there was little interest in the sustainability logos.” 

The two companies have recommended that businesses focus on integrated marketing campaigns to educate customers about the efforts they are making and what their sustainability claims mean. 

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