New study finds reduction of plastic bags in oceans down to 5p bag charge


A new study has found that there was a reduction in plastic bags found in the seas around Britain, due to the introduction of a 5p charge on plastic bags across Europe. 

In the study, scientists found that there was approximately a 30% drop in plastic bags on the seabed in a large area from Norway and Germany to northern France, and west to Ireland.  


The authors of the study claim that the decrease in plastic bag pollution, examined from 2010, showed the power of levies.  

Centre for Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science, lead author of the study Thomas Maes said: “The fewer bags we use, the fewer we can lose, the fewer we can put into the environment. If we all work together towards a better environment, we can make changes.  

According to The Guardian, the UK levy of 5p per bag, which was introduced in 2015, has already decreased single-use plastic bags given out by major retailers by 85%, down from 140 to 25 bags for the average person annually. 


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