New tool to help assess quality of compost and recycled aggregates


A new online assessment tool has been launched to help users see whether they are likely to comply with the Environment Agency’s Quality Protocols (QP).

Initially aimed at compost and recycled aggregates, the intention behind the free to use tool is that industry stakeholders with an interest in other QP waste streams will take it forward and tailor it to their own needs.


Work is already underway on a QP checker for anaerobic digestion and there is interest in developing it for other sectors including pulverised fuel ash.

Environment Agency environment & business manager Roger Hoare said: “High quality waste-derived products not only benefit the environment through improved resource efficiency, they also benefit producers’ bottom line though improved profit margins.

“The QPs programme as a whole is delivering multi-billion pound benefits to business. To date, the QPs have resulted in an estimated 21 million tonnes of materials being diverted from landfill, savings of around 40 million tonnes of virgin raw materials and approximately 130 thousand tonnes of carbon. We estimate that by 2020 around £3.5 billion in terms of increased sales and £1.5 billion in terms of reduced regulatory burden will be released.”

The tool was developed by Ricardo-AEA on behalf of an Environment Agency-led partnership that includes CIWM and ESA. It was funded by the European Union EQual programme that provided funding.