Nine Dragons subsidiary invest $300m in developing its mills

ND Paper
A Chinese paper mill owned by Nine Dragons

United States-based subsidiary of containerboard producer Nine Dragons Paper, ND Paper, has announced that it is investing $300m into its mills in Wisconsin and Maine in the next two years. 

After completing the purchase of its Rumford, Maine and Biron, Wisconsin pulp and paper mills in June 2018, ND Paper developed a strategic review of investment options to enhance the long-term sustainability of these facilities.  


This had led the company to an investment strategy that diversifies the US mills’ product mix, increases their overall production capacity, and fundamentally improves their viability for years. 

In total, ND Paper expects to invest $300m within two years to complete these projects, which also aims to create 77 additional jobs in both states. 

The Rumford Division in Maine will receive $111m to finance two significant projects: 

  • The construction of a greenfield recycled pulp facility which will add approximately 1,200 air dried metric tonnes per days of manufacturing capacity to the site.  
  • The installation of a shoe press on the R15 paper machine to increase the machine’s production capacity by 20%.  

In Wisconsin, the Biron division will commission several projects at a cost of $189m. These include: 

  • A conversion of the B25 paper machine to containerboard products 
  • The construction of a two-line greenfield recycled pulp facility to add approximately 1,900 air dried metric tonne pulp dryer of manufacturing capacity to the site 
  • The construction of a water treatment and fibre recovery plant, a package boiler to provide energy, storage facilities for raw materials and a finished good warehouse.  

The company has said that it is delighted to work with both the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the Maine Department of Economic Development on various options to support these strategic projects.  

ND Paper chief executive officer Ken Liu said: “We invest for the long-term. While strongly supporting our global fibre strategy, this suite of projects also dramatically improves the sustainability of these historic mills. Not only are we developing a US-based containerboard business, we’re also reinforcing our commitment to existing printing and writing and specialty customers with world-class, cost-competitive assets.”  


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