North Face plans to make all its polyester clothes from 100% recycled content


Outdoor activities clothing manufacturer North Face has announced that it has set a goal to manufacture all of its polyester fabric from 100 per cent recycled content by 2016.

Currently, polyester makes up 80 per cent of the material it uses in its apparel products.


To reach its goal, it will primarily take used water bottles that are recycled into polyester for use in clothing.

Currently, the company’s Denali large black jacket uses 51 water bottles to manufacture.

North Face also offers a lifetime warranty on its clothing and gear and receives more than 160,000 product units each year at its warranty department.

Half of these are repairable and returned to consumers, while the remainder are donated or downcycled depending on the condition.

North Face director of materials commercialisation Jeff Dorton said: “My goal is to match the materials we use to the brand I think the North Face is. We’ve decided to put a big stake in the ground and aim to use 100 per cent recycled content for all of our polyester fabric by 2016.

“Close to 80 per cent of our fabric is polyester so this is a huge goal. It’s easier for us to manage a big goal like this as we can take a win on a single yarn, get a good deal on it and spread it through the entire category. We like to go bold.”

North Face uses manufacturers in USA and Asia to produce its products.