Northern Irish companies team up to cut production waste for McDonald’s paper packaging


Two Northern Irish companies that provide paper-based packaging to McDonald’s are working together to reuse and recycle waste material.

Delta Packaging makes cartons for McDonald’s in Belfast for the UK and Irish market, and waste trimmings from this process are now being transported 30 kilometres to Huhtamaki Lurgan to be turned moulded fibre products such as cup carriers.  


Huhtamaki Lurgan general manager Philip Woolsey said: “Given the large quantity of moulded fibre products, such as egg cartons and cup carriers manufactured at our Lurgan factory each year, we continuously work with our recycling plant in Lisburn to increase our use of recycled materials, while improving quality and sustainability on behalf of customers such as McDonald’s.

“Our partnership with Delta Packaging has allowed us to provide McDonald’s with a ‘closed loop’ solution for a more traceable, environmentally and financially efficient method of transporting and recycling waste.

“As a result, the cup holders we supply to McDonald’s are made from 100% locally sourced recycled material and we look forward to developing our relationship with Delta further.”