Not a Budget to “get excited about” for green economy, says Resource Association


The Resource Association has criticised Chancellor George Osborne for not providing “a coherent green economy package” in the Budget.

While welcoming measures on British manufacturing, waste crime and landfill tax, the trade body called them “nuggets of value”.


On manufacturing, the Resource Association backed the support given to energy intensive manufacturers through the extension of the existing compensation scheme to 2019-2020 as this will support some of the larger recyclers among its membership. It also welcomed the Annual Investment Allowance tax relief on up to £500,000 of plant and equipment.

It also welcomed the additional support of £5 million to tackle waste crime.

On landfill tax, Resource Association chief executive Ray Georgeson said: “We are relieved to see a clear statement that landfill tax will in the short-term increase in line with RPI (retail price index) and not be eroded in real terms. We still believe there is scope for significant future increases in landfill tax to further drive on towards recycling targets and complete the switch in emphasis in the UK on how we dispose of resources.

“We hope that the Government will consult widely when considering how it will provide further long term certainty about future landfill tax rates, and we acknowledge the recognition from Government that this certainty is needed by all stakeholders in the waste and resources sector.”

But overall, the Resource Association expressed disappointment with the Budget. Ray Georgeson added: “The measures highlighted that we have welcomed do not add up to a coherent green economy package – they never do under this Chancellor, and we didn’t expect they would in this Budget either.

“They do however provide very welcome nuggets of value that will provide a positive boost for UK recyclers and reprocessors. But it certainly wasn’t a Budget to get excited about from a broader green economy perspective.”