Not much price movement on LME yesterday


The LME was largely stable on Thursday with little movement in prices.

Markets waited with anticipation to see the detail due to be worked out today on the new package of measures that are designed to save the euro by the 17 euro nations and six other nations that wish to be involved.


Three-month copper was only down a little to $7,823 (£4,972) on Thursday from $7,835 (£5,018) a day earlier.

Aluminium fell to $2,069 (£1,315) yesterday compared to Wednesday’s $2,108 (£1,350). Alloy dropped to $1,925 (£1,224) on Thursday from $1,975 (£1,265).

Lead edged up a little to $2,135 from $2,118 but remained on £1,357.

Nickel moved up in dollars to $18,200 from $18,155 but actually fell in sterling to £11,568 from £11,628 as the dollar got stronger.

The same happened with tin which was up to $20,525 from $20,425 but fell to £13,046 from £13,082.

Zinc was down to $2,021 (£1,285) from $2,024 (£1,296).                                

Steel was up to $565 from $560 but remained unchanged on £359.