Novelis increases recycled content to 43 per cent


Major aluminium recycler and manufacturer Novelis has revealed that its recycled content in its products has reached 43 per cent.

In its third annual sustainability report Sustainability Through Disruptive Innovation, Novelis showed that in two years it had increased its use of recycled material from 33 per cent to 43 per cent and was on target to meet its 2020 goal of 80 per cent recycled aluminium in its products.


As a result, it also became the world’s largest recycler of aluminium in the world.

Novelis president and chief executive Phil Martens said: “Our intent when we established our sustainability targets two years ago was to transcend the incremental approach by radically transforming our company, and in the process, lead the way in our industry.

“This approach is driving changes in the way we source inputs, structure our supply chain, make capital investments, develop our products and engage with our customers. We are still in the early stages of our sustainability journey, with many more hurdles yet to overcome, but our efforts are already beginning to bear fruit. I am more firmly convinced than ever that our commitment to sustainability will be the key value driver for our company going forward.”

The company also revealed that against a 2007-2009 baseline, it has reduced energy intensity by 19 per cent towards a goal of 39 per cent, a reduction of water use by 16 per cent against a target of 25 per cent, and a 14 per cent reduction is greenhouse gas emissions.

In the past year, Novelis also launched the world’s first independently certified, high-recycled content aluminium beverage can sheet – the evercan – that will help it towards its 80 per cent recycled content goal.