Novelis increases recycled metal content to 55% 


Aluminium rolling and recycling company Novelis has released its fiscal year 2017 sustainability report. 

In the report, Novelis showed that it has achieved key sustainability milestones ahead of target, including increased use of high-recycled metal content inputs of 55%.  


These gains were accomplished during a record financial year and are the outcome of increased operational efficiencies and technical innovation throughout the company’s 24 facilities.  

The report states that the company continued to curb its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by over 21% from the baseline of 21 million metric tons of CO2. 

Novelis chief executive Steve Fisher said: “We have made great gains in this fiscal year and are ahead of target in some areas. Additionally, we remain resolute in our commitment to leverage our technical expertise and innovative capabilities to solve challenges at our facilities and promote sustainability throughout the manufacturing industry.” 

Given the recyclable properties of aluminium, recycling the metal creates 95% fewer GHG and requires 95% less energy than primary aluminium production.  

This allowed Novelis to gain lower GHG emissions and accelerate sustainable value across its business sectors of beverage cans, automotive and high-end specialities.  

Within the beverage can industry, Novelis recycles 65 billion used beverage cans annually, returning them to store shelves in 60 days. 

In the automotive sector, Novelis provides closed-loop scrap metal collection and recycling services. 

The company’s partnership with Ford Motor Company allowed 90% of its scrap to be collected and recycled. 

In another partnership, Novelis and Jaguar Land Rover recovered 50,000 tons of aluminium scrap, avoiding 50,000 tons of CO2 entering the air.