OCC up, PET and metals down on this week’s scrap-ex price report


The price of cardboard was one of the few materials to increase on this week’s scrap-ex pricing report.

OCC was trading in a spread of £132 to £140 with most trade happening at £137. This compares to last week, when the range was £125 to £135.


There is a lot of nervousness and uncertainty in the plastics markets at the moment, but this was only reflected in the price of Natural PET, which edged down from £425 to £440 last week to this week’s £410 to £435.

Weakening demand and Chinese import restrictions, seem to be playing on the minds of plastics traders at the moment as they wait to see what this will mean for prices.

Metals continue to drop reflecting falls in the virgin prices on the LME. Dry bright copper is down to £4,850 to £5,210 from £4,950 to £5,325 a week ago.

Aluminium cuttings are priced at £1,050 to £1,275 from £1,100 to £1,350 last week. While on the ferrous side, grade OA structural plate falls to £265 to £330 from £275 to £335 a week ago.

Aluminium cans have edged down to £980 to £1,100 from £985 to £1,150 last week.