Olive oil brand looks to aluminium cans


A Greek olive oil firm is to distribute its produce in aluminium cans with reusable caps.

Neolea said the containers, to be rolled out worldwide over the next 18 months, were “exceptionally sustainable”.


The dishwasher-safe ‘fresh cap’ is designed to protect the quality of the oil, help control its pour and ensure freshness.

Neolea chief executive Daan Tolk said the firm had “long been a pioneer in olive oil innovation”.

He added: “We’re looking forward to launching a healthier solution for our environment, customers and suppliers.

“Recycling aluminium consumes approximately 95 per cent less energy than producing new aluminum from raw materials, and it can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality, making it an exceptionally sustainable option.”

Using the material had both economic and ecological advantages over alternatives, Tolk said.

“At Neolea, we are deeply passionate about maintaining the highest quality in our products and are committed to a healthier world, which drives our choice of aluminium for this new line, aligning our environmental goals with our dedication to superior quality.”