Only copper imports into China up in March, while plastics drop


Copper was the only material to see an increase in this month’s Chinese import statistics.

430,000 tonnes of the metal were imported in March at a value of $1.4 billion (£883 million) compared to 400,000 tonnes in February at a value of £1.27 billion.


Aluminium remained at 220,000 tonnes in March but the value increased from February’s $337 million to $357 million (£225 million).

Paper and paperboard also stayed on imports of 270,000 tonnes and increased in value to $334 million (£210 million) from February’s $323 million.

But plastics imports were significantly down. ABS fell to 146,732 tonnes from 152,053 tonnes in February, but the value was roughly the same at $330 million (£208 million) from $330.5 million a month earlier.

PET dropped to 15,915 tonnes in March from February’s 17,229 but the value of the material was only slightly down to $29 million (£18.2 million) from $29.6 million a month before.