OPRL expand membership since the launch of its ten commitments in April

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OPRL has grown its membership by 64 companies since it announced 10 commitments in April to support its members to deliver against their pledges, following the launch of the UK Plastics Pact. 

The 10 commitments are: 

  1. To develop recycling labels with appropriate calls to actions to reduce plastic littering and environmental contamination 
  2. Target recruitment of brands and packaging manufacturers with high amounts of plastic packaging in their ranges so that the correct recycling labels are displayed across their ranges, encouraging and supporting consumers to recycle correctly 
  3. Work with trade associations and industry groups to find solutions which meet the needs of their members in choosing recyclable packaging options and supporting consumers to recycle more often 
  4. Further develop its consumer app to give personalised, location specific advice on the recycling and disposal of packaging including on-the-go packaging 
  5. Work with WRAP and RECOUP to produce an industry-wide categorisation of recyclable and non-recyclable plastics, taking account of infrastructure and recycling activity as well as collection, which will be used to underpin its new sustainable packaging design tool 
  6. Launch a sustainable packaging design tool as a standard part of membership, enabling members to meet their UK plastics Pact commitments by designing packaging which avoids unrecyclable plastics and ensures design aids easy separation and recycling of components 
  7. 2019: Revise its label designations to take account of the agreed industry-wide categorisation of the recyclability of different plastic polymers 
  8. 2019: Develop the label so it takes account of verified recycled content as well as the recyclability of the packaging so consumers have full transparency 
  9. 2020: Grow its membership to 500 companies and over 1,000 brands, ensuring its labels are ubiquitous  
  10. 2020: Support and play its part in any move to a mandatory national standard recyclability label of packaging. 

Since April, OPRL has grown its membership by 28% with 64 companies joining. 

OPRL executive director Stuart Lendrum said: “We committed to providing our members the tools and support they need to deliver against their Plastics Pact commitments six months ago and we’re proud to report on substantial progress. On Tuesday we were part of a broad partnership of brands and retailers taking part in the #LeedsByExample initiative, launching the first pilot of our recycling app We Recycle.  

“This world-leading innovation gives consumers advice on recycling drinks containers and coffee cups on-the-go, including where the nearest recycling bin or reverse vending machine is, (piloting in Leeds city centre). Our plans to launch further pilots on a wider range of packaging are well advanced.  This delivers the first steps on our Commitment #4.” 

ORPL chair Jane Bevis said: “We’re delighted that companies such as McCain Foods, Albert Bartlett, Caffè Nero, Armitage Petcare and Just Pudding Basins, along with Greiner Packaging, FFP Packaging Solutions and Mondi Coatings, to name just a few, have joined us to engage consumers in recycling more effectively. That’s progress towards Commitments #2 and #9.”

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