Packaging firm PFF completes production trial using NEXTLOOPP food grade recycled PP


The packaging division of PFF Group has undertaken a full-scale production trial using NEXTLOOPP’s prototype post-consumer food grade recycled PP.

PFF’s trial centred on the production of a 350g Desto banderole pot, which is typically used for in hot fill applications such as porridge. PP is typically used for its ability to cope with high temperatures.


PP accounts for around 20% of the world’s plastic, but it typically goes to waste-to-energy, landfill or low value recycling.

However, the NEXTLOOPP project from sustainability consultant Nextek, has developed a closed loop product called PPristine that enables food grade recycling of PP.

The process uses a marker at recycling facilities to separate food-grade packaging. Decontamination stages then ensure the material meets food grade standards in both the EU and US. NEXTLOOPP is currently finalising dossiers for application for use of the material with the European food standard agency EFSA and USFDA equivalent in America.

In the trial, a total of 30% recycled food grade PP was used, which would also comply with the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.

PFF Group group supply chain director Lee Wilkinson said: “The company’s participation in the project and material trials demonstrate the business’ commitment to being at the forefront of developing a sustainable, circular plastics economy.

“It is ideal for UK food manufacturers seeking to alleviate the Plastic Packaging Tax and those who are rising to market and consumer demands and expectations for more sustainable food packaging.

“The new material can ensure post-consumer PP is appreciated as the valuable resource it should be, by being recycled into food-approved packaging at scale. It will also greatly reduce CO2 emissions and divert waste from landfill and waste-to-energy.”